Show Board and Training $1125/month
Board and Maintenance $700/month
*Early pay discount of $25/horse will apply if invoices are paid online on or before the 25th of the month.
Pasture Board $450/month
(4 lessons included in full training)

Board/Maintenance includes: regular grooming & turnout/exercise on walker.

Show training includes: grooming, conditioning, and training services, & 4 lessons/month if applicable (lessons are non-accumulative).

Maintenance includes: regular grooming and turnout.

All feed with basic supplements (Alfalfa/Timothy pellets, Alfalfa cubes, Platinum Performance Wellness).

Additional feed/supplements will be billed to client.

Show Fees

(excludes entries, stalls, and transportation)

Class "A" $1,000
Regional $1,500
Scottsdale $2,500
Youth/Midsummer Nationals $3,000
Canadian Nationals $3,000
US Nationals $3,000
Show Fee (for horses not showing) 1/3 normal show fee

Tack stalls, dressing rooms, groom stalls, and patronships are pro-rated based on number of horses at show. Shavings and early arrival will be invoiced per horse.

Additional Services

Photograph/presentation fee $100
Body clipping $150
Braiding Fee
(includes 3 classes, add'l $25 each)
Transportation $.85/mile
($100 minimum)
Agent Fee 15% of sale price

Equipment (SPH can order & invoice to Client if needed)

Horses are required to have a leather halter w/ nameplate (for shows, ordered by SPH) and black stable halter along with a black or green sheet & blanket. SPH will order and invoice for sinky. Blanket bags will be rented to clients on a per show basis.

Show Training

Individualized care and training for your horse. From youngsters to the seasoned show horse.


Private lessons from beginner through advanced on your horse or one of our lesson horses.


Daily care of your horse. Stall board or pasture board available.